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Dear friends of history, law enforcement and the Eliot Ness Museum:

Coudersport's Eliot Ness Museum has come a long way in three short years since its inception in 2019. Preserving history, celebrating law enforcement, and telling and teaching the life and times of Eliot Ness. Right here in Coudersport. Where Ness lived out the last of his days, where the story of "The Untouchables" was written and born, and where Ness achieved his fame.

Countless visitors and guests to the museum have already come and gone over these three short years. Countless local folks, folks from all across the country and literally from around the world.

All leaving with a renewed appreciation of history, law enforcement and Eliot Ness.

None of this would have been possible without support from many of you. For which we all are so grateful.

However, in order for the Eliot Ness Museum to continue this mission, growing, enhancing and operating the museum for years to come, for future generations, we need and are dependent on the continued support from folks like you!

We hope you will consider starting or renewing a museum membership for 2023 and supporting the museum with whatever financial support you can. Attached is a 2023 Eliot Ness Museum Membership Form that you can complete and return with your gift. Benefits with different levels of giving are identified on the Form.

Thanks so much in advance for your consideration .. AND .. we hope to see you soon at Coudersport's Eliot Ness Museum!

Stephen A. Green, President & CEO

Paul W. Heimel, Vice President

Ilene Altenhein, Secretary

Eliot Ness Museum is a U. S. Internal Revenue Service-recognized 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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